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Rick Grimes Movies Will Crossover All 3 Shows

The Walking Dead movies starring Andrew Lincoln as Rick Grimes can be a crossover between all three shows, thanks to its CRM story. Immediately after Rick’s highly publicized exit on The Walking Dead in season 9, AMC confirmed plans for three movies that would continue his story. The films were said to be in development in November 2018, and though updates have been few and far between, the trilogy is still in the works.

Rick Grimes’ final episode on the show set up his next adventure in The Walking Dead universe. After a few ambiguous scenes with Jadis (Pollyanne McIntosh) and multiple sightings of the mysterious black helicopter, this storyline finally reached a head when Jadis was expected to arrange for Gabriel (Seth Gilliam) to be captured.

When that didn’t work out, another solution presented itself when Rick made the ultimate sacrifice to stop a horde of zombies. Everyone was in attendance when Rick was seemingly killed in an explosion on the bridge. Just when it appeared that the AMC series had killed off its main protagonist, it was revealed that the people from the black helicopter abducted Rick after being alerted to his position by Jadis.

Where Rick went, why he was taken, and why he hasn’t come back in the last six years (in-universe) are all questions that are expected to be answered when the first Walking Dead movie releases. Some of these mysteries have been touched on in Fear the Walking Dead and may be indirectly explored in Walking Dead: World Beyond. Elements from the different shows will return in the movies, but it could be that their connection will be closer than expected. Plotlines and characters across all three Walking Dead shows could converge in the Rick Grimes movies.

The Walking Dead

Rick will never return to The Walking Dead, but his ties to the show as well as the main characters’ ties to him have not been severed. Michonne (Danai Gurira) – who exited the series in season 10 to search for Rick – is also no longer a part of The Walking Dead, but there are other things that may cause Rick’s story and the lives of those who live in Alexandria to intersect once again. In Michonne’s last episode, she made Judith (Cailey Fleming) aware of her current mission, and now Rick’s daughter is awaiting news of Rick and Michonne.

Meanwhile, Rick’s former right-hand man and best friend, Daryl (Norman Reedus), is still oblivious to the real reason why Michonne left. Judith didn’t tell Daryl the truth about Michonne looking for Rick because she was afraid that Daryl would leave too. It could be that once the truth does come out, a small group of Walking Dead characters will depart Alexandria to rendezvous with Michonne in the movies and get Rick back.

By this time, Rick’s location may already be known. Also, a situation like this may be necessary for him to reunite with his daughter. And given the close relationship between Rick and Daryl in the show, it feels fitting for him to be heavily involved in any rescue attempt. Judith didn't tell him about Rick's survival, but he could get the same information from Virgil (Kevin Carroll) in season 11.

Walking Dead: World Beyond

Walking Dead: World Beyond is already deeply connected to the Rick Grimes movies due to the involvement of the CRM organization, the same group that took Rick. CRM (Civic Republic Military) has a logo that consists of three rings, and each ring represents a different community. One of the communities governed by CRM is based in Nebraska, and it will be this branch that World Beyond will explore.

One of the other two communities is likely to be the setting for the movies. For this reason, the movie may build off concepts and ideas established in the spinoff, but that may be the extent of the crossover since it may not share any of the same characters. However, World Beyond could feature a cameo or a guest appearance from a high-ranking CRM member who will be essential to Rick’s story.

This character - who may or may not be a villain in the movies - could have his role set up if he pays a visit to the Nebraska settlement, possibly for the purpose of an inspection.

Fear the Walking Dead

Fear the Walking Dead could be important to the next chapter in Rick’s journey. One of the characters, Althea (Maggie Grace), had a brief romance with CRM member Isabelle (Sydney Lemmon) in season 5.

The show seems to have moved on from this story, but it has been said that an Althea-Isabelle reunion in the future is possible. It could be that this meeting will happen in the movies rather than on Fear the Walking Dead, but getting them together would be far from the only point of a crossover. There are other characters like Morgan (Lennie James) who would love to see Rick again. Morgan, who had a close bond with Rick, is among the characters most deserving of a role in the upcoming movies, behind Michonne, Daryl, and Judith.

Morgan has evolved a lot since he exited The Walking Dead in season 8, and it would be interesting to see how his dynamic with Rick would be different. Of course, in order for them to meet up, Fear the Walking Dead would first have to catch up to The Walking Dead. As things currently stand, the show is seven years behind the main series, but multiple time jumps could narrow the gap and put them on the same page again. As for how a crossover could between the show and the movie could happen, Virginia (Colbie Minifie) and the Pioneers could be the key.

When Morgan’s group first met Virginia, Althea mentioned the black helicopter because she wondered if CRM and the Pioneers were one and the same. Later, Virginia told Al that she wanted Al to tell her everything she knew about it. It makes sense that the Pioneers would be interested in CRM. A mysterious group that owns a helicopter would certainly raise some red flags.

If the Pioneers dig deeper, they may label the CRM as a threat to their goal of expansion. Tagging along with the Pioneers could be a good way of finding CRM’s base – and that may be exactly what one Walking Dead character intends to do. Michonne was last seen traveling in the direction of an organized group of survivors wearing clothes that carried a strong Western vibe, which is quite similar to how Virginia and her followers dressed.

The implication of this scene was that Michonne may join up with them. If Michonne does indeed join the Pioneers, this could have major ramifications for the Rick Grimes movies and could make these Fear the Walking Dead villains integral to the plot. If Morgan and the others are still mixed up with the Pioneers by the time of the movie, a few of them could end up being present when Michonne’s search for Rick reaches a climax.

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