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The Walking Dead: World Beyond Featuring Rick Grimes Premieres on AMC later this year

Walking Dead Spinoff World Beyond Trailer Show Rick Grimes! 

A brief new trailer for the upcoming spin-off The Walking Dead: World Beyond shows a glimpse of Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) as it hypes up the mysterious organization at the center of the series. Officially announced last fall, World Beyond marks the second spin-off set in the ever-expanding Walking Dead universe.

The series aims to show a new side of the zombie apocalypse by focusing on a group of survivors who grew up after Walkers began to roam the world. Originally, World Beyond was supposed to premiere this April, but it has since been pushed back to later in the year, likely due to production issues caused by the coronavirus pandemic.

 Walking Dead fans are especially intrigued by World Beyond because it will dig into the mysterious CRM organization, also known as the helicopter group. CRM appeared on both The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead in the form of helicopters bearing strange three-circle symbols. Most notably, the group is responsible for taking Rick away in his final episode after he was fatally wounded.

It's not clear exactly what the group intended to do with him, but fans are hoping to learn more through World Beyond. One thing the trailer doesn't provide is a definitive start date for World Beyond, which fans are no doubt eager to learn. Now that The Walking Dead season 10 has come to an early end, fans are looking for their next source of zombie-themed entertainment, especially since they're stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic.

As of right now, though, World Beyond remains without a premiere date save for "later this year." Still, this short teaser is bound to get fans excited, even if it's short on new information. The helicopter group is expected to also be the focus of the planned Rick Grimes trilogy of films, though those are still in early development and won't be arriving for a while.

World Beyond offers the chance to get more insight into the group ahead of that time. Fans have a lot of questions about CRM - like what does the "A and B" classification system mean? - and hopefully World Beyond has their answers.

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