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Rick Grimes Best Moments

A short summary of what are in my opinion the 5 best Rick Grimes moments/scenes in The Walking Dead. For a full explanation, check down below.

I told you already
I think that this moment deserves number 5 because it perfectly showcases Rick’s growth in season 7, he goes from being completely broken to one badass again. He realized it’s about a future and no longer about just him living, this moment showcases that perfectly. He is basically staring the devil into the eyes and saying ”go fuck yourself”.

No sanctuary
Originally this was the Gareth kill, but unfortunately AMC blocks that particular scene so I had to pick another one, luckily for me I was already hesitating on which one of these two I was supposed to choose. They both see on Rick’s ruthless nature in season 5, as for the used scene he does is mostly in self-defense while the Gareth kill is just blatant murder. I honestly both scenes could be on spot 4, but AMC wants No sanctuary clearly

I found them
I mean, come on, you can’t make a best moments list and not include his final scene. This is of course a very emotional scene as we all were expecting Rick to bite the dust here. The music, the build-up, everything here is done perfectly. Rick’s entire story arc since the first episode has ended in this very scene: he finally found his family. And he is willing to die for that family, the ultimate sacrifice.

Another one bites the dust
This could be described as the best case of how Rick and the group are The Walking Dead. Rick is completely helpless with his son almost getting raped, he has no weapons, nothing. Just like the walkers he uses the only weapon he has got on hi: his teeth. It’s just such a badass moment that truly makes us all see how far Rick is willing to go to protect his son.

You did this to us
This very moment is not only the pinnacle of Rick Grimes’ story, but also that of the entire show. This moment is what pushes Rick into becoming who he has to be. Killing your very best friend in cold blood after you promised him that nothing would happen. Killing Shane was the biggest game changer for Rick (more than Carl’s and Lori’s deaths in my opinion). It’s badass, it’s brutal, it’s sad. When I first watched it I wanted Rick to kill Shane so badly and was delighted when he finally did it, but I also felt immediate sorrow. Shane was an extremely good character which has had the biggest influence on Rick out of all the characters. His story arc ended perfectly and nothing like this will ever be done in TWD again.

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