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Coronavirus strikes hospital where Rick Grimes woke up to zombie apocalypse in The Walking Dead

Rick Grimes Hospital

The Walking Dead fans have spotted a strange coincidence to the comics after a coronavirus patient was diagnosed in the same hospital where Rick Grimes woke up to the apocalypse. While the TV series is set in Atlanta, the original comic books saw the hero awake in Kentucky’s Harrison Memorial Hospital. If you cast your minds back, Rick (Andrew Lincoln) was struck down while out on duty with Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) and was taken to the facility where he was put into a medically induced coma. It’s unsure how long he was asleep, however, the star of the show woke up to the building completely overrun by zombies.

And now, the same hospital where the comics are set has issued a statement explaining how a patient has tested positive for COVID-19. ‘On 6 March, 2020, HMH was contacted by the Kentucky Department of Public Health (KDPH) regarding a confirmed COVID-19 case who had been a previous patient at Harrison Memorial Hospital (HMH) in Cynthiana, Kentucky,’ it started. 'HMH has had COVID-19 screening in place since early January 2020 as mandated by the Centers for Disease Control. At any point of entry within HMH, all patients are screened for the potential risk. ‘The patient presented with flu-like symptoms to our facility. At that time patient did not meet KDPH health screening and was treated for the presented symptoms. When symptoms did not subside, the patient returned.’ Following the news, one fan of the post-apocalyptic drama took to Twitter where they wrote: ‘So Kentucky has their first case of coronavirus at Harrison Memorial Hospital… Rick also woke up at Harrison Memorial Hospital… It has begun. ‘ While another informed their followers of the same coincidence: ‘The first case of coronavirus in Kentucky was identified and isolated at Harrison Memorial, the same hospital where Rick was when he woke up to the apocalypse.’

Don’t worry though, we’re not entering a zombie apocalypse – and it’s highly unlikely that the comics predicted the current outbreak, especially after the creator Robert Kirkman recently revealed what caused the walkers. After 17 years of speculation, the 41-year-old finally put our minds to rest by confirming where the disease came from. Taking to Twitter, a fan thought they’d put the question to the main man, asking: ‘Hey @RobertKirkman, so we never got an answer even with the comic finished, what caused the zombies?’

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